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‘Zucking’ is the art of opening a fan with attitude! If you want to learn properly, you have two choices:

1. Find your nearest favorite drag queen and ask for a lesson.

2. If no drag queen is to be found, read and practice the directions below and view our video tutorial.


Three Basic Steps for ‘Zucking’ your fan:

THE STOP - Holding and Unfolding Your Fan

While it may seem very basic, there is a proper way to hold and unfold your new Talk To The Fan! The fan will be very stiff when it arrives. Hand fans gradually ease with use so be patient during the “breaking in” period. Carefully follow these directions the first time you are opening your fan.


Hold your fan with the logo located on the guard stick facing towards you straight up in the 12 o'clock position.

9 Oclock PositionUNFOLDING THE FAN
Gently unfold the bottom guard stick in a counterclockwise direction (right to left) to the 6 o'clock position. 
(If it feels like you are forcing it open, you may be opening it in the wrong direction.) 

Please practice unfolding the fan a few times.
Now you're ready for...


Open the first rib of the fan, and place your thumb on top between the guard stick and the first rib - towards the base. 
Place your index finger behind the rib like you are pinching the guardstick. Rest the remaining three fingers on the backside of the fan.

Hold FanWhile keeping a firm grip on guardstick with your thumb and index finger, slowly twist your wrist in a downward direction allowing the fan ribs to DROP open. Use your fingers on the backside of the fan to guide it open. Your pinkie finger will help keep it open at a full position.

Once you are comfortable with opening the fan with 'THE DROP' motion, you're now ready to add the ‘THE POP!’.


To achieve a stronger 'Zuck' that gives you that POP, put on your best bitch face, snarl your lip and assume the position. Not that position – the starting position for opening the fan!

  1. Find your favorite drag queen to assist you.
  2. If no drag queen is available, hold fan in hand in the same position as above with the logo side facing you.
  3. Unfold the first section of the fan and place your thumb on the topside resting between the two bamboo ribs at the bottom of the fan.
  4. Place your index finger behind the top rib and rest your other fingers on the folded bamboo ribs.
  5. Use a bit more force so that the fan unfolds more quickly and makes the ‘ZUCK’ sound we all know and LOVE!

‘Zuck’ your fan when you want FULL BLOWN IMPACT of your message to be delivered in the strongest way possible. However, one must be careful not to over ‘Zuck’ to preserve the life of your fan, so practice of various intensity.


If you are not used to folding up a hand fan, there are many factors that contribute to the ease so please GO SLOWLY until you become comfortable with the mechanics and direction of folding and unfolding. 

Again, please DO NOT FORCE when you are opening or closing your fan. During the initial break in process it will feel awkward, but follow the patterns of the fold and you will be closing it up.